Ice Cream Cookiewich?!

Deep within the vibrant gayborhood of Philadelphia lives a cute ice cream shop. Scoop DeVille creates the most memorable ice cream experiences for both locals and tourists. They are the only ice cream shop in town that lets you create a custom soft serve ice cream on the spot. But they offer so much more beyond ice cream, for example our very own Cookie Cup n' milk snack shots!

We love this sweet partnership because Klaudia from Scoop DeVille has taken the ice cream sandwich to a whole new level.

Read on if you're a foodie dare devil...

scoop deville 1 A.jpg

I Cannoli Love you

The Pumpkin Spice ChocAmo Cookie Cup

Lined with cream cheese frosting

Topped with Cannoli cream and garnished with a dark chocolate ribbon

Brownie Points

The Rainbow Road ChocAmo Cookie Cup

Lined with velvety dark chocolate

Generously filled with a Scoop of brownie and drizzled with marshmallow sauce

Rolling in the Dough

The Glitz and Glam ChocAmo Cookie Cup

Lined with cream Cheese frosting

Filled with a scoop of Cookies n’ cream cookie dough drizzled with caramel sauce

Go to Scoop DeVille today & pick them up yourself

1315 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

Or order delivery!

Kailin Brooks