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As our company nears its fifth birthday, we decided it is time for a change. The ChocAmo name is a combination of two delicious words: Chocolate and Amor (Love). We still love chocolate and our Cookie Cups aren't going anywhere. However, we wanted to make room for endless food innovation and expand our product line to include more than just desserts.

So, we believe our brand name should embody that goal. Without further ado, we introduce to you Snackadabra! Our endless creations will make you believe in “Food Magic." It all started with the classic snack of cookies and milk. To honor our flagship product, we had to have "snack" in the new name.

Our Chief Cookie Officer Michelle has an alter ego named Cadabra. She's an innovative, energetic powerhouse - which are all traits she brings to the brand! Also, Michelle speaks fluent Russian. “Dabra” is similar to the Russian word for “generosity.” We serve generous portions with love❤️.


A Cookie Cup is...

A sweet canvas for the dessert of your dreams.  

Fill it with milk, ice cream, espresso or even your favorite cocktail!

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